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Just as important as the waxing itself is making sure you take care of your wax afterward!

Kami-mitt exfoliating glove


The Kami-mitt can be used on any part of the body dry or wet. This original product is made of vegetal cellulose material (derived from eucalyptus and spruce) whose microscopic woven fibres helps tone and regenerate your skin. Their effectiveness has long been recognized, helping to build the reputation of a product that has often been imitated but never equaled.


Product Benefits:

  • Eliminates dead cells

  • Oxygenates the skin

  • Activates microcirculation

  • Frees ingrown hairs

  • Softens the skin

  • Helps creams to penetrate

  • Promotes an even tan

  • Supports treatments for acne and other skin conditions










Smuth lotion


SMÜTH LOTION acts effectively to minimize or eliminate ingrown hair and reduces redness after waxing.

SMÜTH carries with it a 100% guarantee. It will cause a mild exfoliation of the skin which is a normal reaction and is beneficial, leaving your skin soft and smooth. 


INSTRUCTIONS: Applicable to both women and men. Apply SMÜTH to dry skin. Use before bed time and again in the morning after showering, shaving, and drying. Allow product to dry on skin. Moisturizer and cologne can de applied over the product once it has dried.

When you have obtained the desired results, continue to apply SMÜTH on a daily basis in order to maintain an optimum smoothness of skin.

Prohibit post‑depilatory roll‑on serum


Slows hair regrowth ÉPILLYSS PROHIBIT serum is an effective product for fighting hair regrowth, acting over time to thin out and weaken hair by destroying the chemical bonds of hair follicle as it forms. At its base, the hair bulb contains an area where cells are divided, called the hair matrix. Each cell divides every 39 hours, creating a new cell which is pushed upwards as other cells are formed and gradually strengthened by keratin in the upper part of the hair bulb. Therefore, it’s recommended that ÉPILLYSS PROHIBIT serum be applied during these 39 hours following hair removal to prevent cellular division that produces hair. Results may be visible within 45 days, depending on the individual. ÉPILLYSS PROHIBIT serum also prevents undesirable skin reactions in sensitive areas and on men’s backs.

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