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Waxing for him & her

Once you experience the smoothness of a Brazilian wax, you will be ready to throw away your razors and join the silky smooth brazilian waxing revolution! Using only the best hard wax, our highly trained team will have you groomed in no time. You will only wonder why you didn't start sooner! 



Full Legs (including bikini) - $65

Full legs with brazilian - $80

Lower legs - $30

Thighs (including bikini) - $45

Thighs with brazilian - $65

Butt crack - $18

Buttocks - $35

Bikini line - $30

Brazilian - $50



Brazilian - $55

Bikini line - $35



*Ask us about our speed waxing**

Waxing 101


DO make sure your hair is at least 1/4 inch long


DO keep hair follicles clean by showering after physical activity


DO gently exfoliate every 3 days with an exfoliating mitt such as the Renaissance body glove


DO use an in-grown serum such as Smuth if you are prone to bumps or in-growns 


DO take an ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your appintment if you have a very low pain

tolerance in order to reduce discomfort


DON'T apply creams or lotions to the area being waxed the day of your appointment


DON'T use swimming pools or hot tubs for 24hrs following your appointment





Full Legs - $75

Upper or lower legs - $50

Buttocks - $35

Bikini (sides + crack) - $50

Brazilian (nude or almost) - $70





























*Please visit for a full list of our services offered.

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