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Laser hair removal (LightSheer Duet Laser)

For him & her...


Ladies & Gents

Laser (Price per session)


Full legs with bikini - $450

Full legs with brazilian - $500

Lower legs - $200

Thighs with bikini - $300

Thighs with brazilian - $350

Butt crack - $50

Buttocks - $100

Bikini line - $110

Brazilian - $195


*50% off you first laser session on any NEW area. 

*Pre-purchase 4 sessions & receive your 5th one FREE.


**There is a one time $15 fee on your first laser appointment for your reusable plastic tip.


***Prices are subject to change without notice.


Laser 101

You may not know all there is to know about the who, what, when, where (everywhere!) or whys of laser hair removal. Therefore, we believe that if you’re going to dare to go bare you should know all the hairy details first.

Here are some quick facts:


1-No more waxing! (If you wax the area being treated between sessions, you will mess with your results)


2-Laser does not work on blonde, white, or red hairs (We will be the first to let you know when there's a laser invented to treat these)


3-Laser cannot be done over a tattoo (We do not want to burn you, trust us)


4-Laser requires more than one session. It's not a one shot deal (Wouldn't that be a dream)


5-Laser offers a long term reduction (Which means that after your sessions, you may require yearly touch-ups)


6-It's amazing! (Not only does laser remove unwanted hairs, it also helps to eliminate ingrowns)


7-You can have laser all over your body (Yes lady and man bits included)


8-Results vary from person to person (We have treated numerous cases and may be able to give you an idea of results but some will see only a 40% reduction in hairs while others will see a 90% reduction)


9- No you cannot have laser hair removal while on antibiotics 


10- Yes we offer free consultations:) 

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